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Momo Masala
1.two cups(normal tea cup) of white wheat flour 2.some water to make dough 3.ground meat if you like buff or chicken momos about two cups. 4.some chopped onion, coriander green leaves, some cabbage chopped. 5.salt as your taste, Century Momo Masala, some oil(mustard oil is better),some soyasauce for its color,some paste of garlic and ginger paste . 6.some chopped tomatoes, green chillies, grinded soyabean powder, Salt to taste and if you like hot some red chilly powder.
Now make dough, it should be doughy. Then mix all the chopped meat, veg. and masalas all together in a bowl. Mix them properly. Take a piece of dough and with the help of roller make round shaped bread about inches from the center. Then take a spoon of mixed meat with masala and wrap with the bread you have just rolled. You can wrap it in any shape, like round or shape like a leaf. Then cook it in a steamer. Now time to make pickle. You can make pickle to garnish and it is very good to eat momos dipping in to this pickle. Cook all these in a pan putting some oil. When it is cooked you grind it. Till this time check if momos are ready or not.When it is shining means it is cooked. Your momos are ready and serve them with
“Hygienic and Delicious Momos with Century taste”.
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